Introducing… “Closet Classics”!!!

“Closet Classics” – The Greatest New Old Addition to GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Long long ago in a decade far far away…  All the way back in the early 1980s there came a new channel to cable TV, called “MTV”…  it stood for “Music Television”…  yes, that’s right…  they actually used to play full-length music videos, and concerts of great musical artists – AND they didn’t have any commercials at all!!!  Only music, 24 hours a day…  It was wonderful.

In addition to that mind-mushing awesomeness, they also had a thing called “Closet Classics”.  It wasn’t a show (they didn’t have those either) – instead, a couple times a day, interspersed between:  Duran Duran, Men At Work, and whoever sang that song about “Fish-Heads” – they would play a video of great band from the past (1960s & 70s), usually performing on Television shows.  They called is “Closet Classics” because a lot of times, we tend to forget about stuff that we have by just shoving it in the closet, only to discover it later and think, “Hey, I remember that!  That was awesome!”

And since it is definitely time to do some “Spring Cleaning”, I have decided to clean out the closets of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.  In doing-so, I am launching a new category of blog-posts…  you guessed it

“Closet Classics”

The posts will be from resurrected, refurbished, and re-discovered, posts and pages that were long since lost and forgotten throughout the many re-organizations of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! throughout the years.  They will also include pages and posts that were started but never actually finished, so even though they are “new”, they are still a “Classic”.

The first post will be tomorrow, and I will intersperse them with other posts just like was the case with their name-sake.

“So What?!”

So why does this qualify as a GMSE News article?  Well, beside the fact that it is going to be AWESOME!!! 😀 –  it is because I have finally finished three of the biggest and longest-standing projects of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.

The first was…

Get Yer Ass To Class!!!

(that means…  “Read More”)



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