Aphorism – (to) “Build The House From The Ground Up”

“You’ve Got To Build The House From The Ground Up!”

Today’s “Tid-Bit” is an Idiomatic Aphorism which can also be classified as a Saying, and can be used as an Interjection (as in the heading above) – and is used to say that…

When doing any “thing” (process/procedure/etc.) it is important to do things in the proper order.  Otherwise, whatever one is attempting may simply not work…  (at least not in the way that he or she is intending.)

TO Find Out how “Fat Batman” has ANYTHING to do with this phrase…

Fat Superhero - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


(See Also:  “Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart”)

(Originally posted on the Aphorisms page of the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Lexis Portal)

Have An Excellent Day!



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