Word Transformation TOEFL Vocabulary #2 – “Facilitate”

The Word “Facilitate” – TOEFL Vocabulary
(It’s Transformations + Meaning & Usage)

The word “Facilitate”, and it’s various transformations are the second in the “Unique Word Transformation” TOEFL Vocabulary series.  For a full description about the different types of TOEFL Vocabulary, you can read the blog post I wrote on that subject here.

In addition to being “Unique Word Transformation” Vocabulary, at least two of this word’s transformations also qualify as Functional TOEFL Vocabulary.

Read on to find out why…

Facilitate - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


“Facilitate” – (/fuh-SIH-lih-tay[t]/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə(ɪ).te[t]/) – [Verb]…

To Make Easier – To Help – To Assist

“The creation of The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! TOEFL Vocabulary Database was done to facilitate the test-taker in learning Vocabulary which is actually necessary – and will not waste the test-takers preparation time, like many other ‘TOEFL Vocabulary’ books available on-line.”

It is possible that the word “Facilitate” will be on the exam or in one of the questions, but if it does appear in the exam, and is not one of the vocabulary questions, then it will be assumed that the test-taker will already know the word.

If, however, it DOES appear as one of the vocabulary questions, it will be presented in a way that one should be able to determine the meaning through context.  But as you are reading this now, you will not have to worry either way. 😉

“Facilitator” – (/fuh-SIH-lih-tay-d’r/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə(ɪ).te.ɾɚ/) – [Concrete Noun]…

A Helper – A Person Who Assists A Group – Someone Who Presides Over Some Action

“Facility” – (/fə-SIH-lə-dee/ – /fə.ˈsɪ.lə.ɾiː/) – [Abstract & Concrete Noun]…

The Ability To Do Something – The Tools To Do Something – The Place Where Something Is Done

The “Facilities” – (/fə-SIH-lə-deez/ – /fə.ˈsɪ.lə.ɾiːz/) – [Concrete Noun / Slang Term]…

Besides being the plural version of the word “Facility” it is also very common (at least in American English) that this word is used as a more “formal” way of referring to…

The Bathroom – WC – Toilet – Restroom – The “John” – The “Shitter” – The place where one “*does their business” 😀

For A More In-Depth Description of Why These Words Are Good To Know…

Read The Full Post

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