TOEFL FAQ – The Full List (Almost)

Some Of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About The TOEFL iBT Exam

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A Great TOEFL FAQ Message From An Awesome GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Reader

So I was just about to start responding to messages at The TOEFL Portal of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, and received the message below.  It asks about many of the issues that I have address in the TOEFL FAQ section, and I was about to answer the message in the comment section there, but I decided that it would probably be better to just make a blog post about it.

So Here Is The Message:


I am requesting information regarding TOEFL testing dates in Nairobi, Kenya.
Also, will I need to take any classes or need an instructor if I have completed high school education, did English in all my years of education (12 years) and speak it fluently? Or am I ready to only do the exam without any other classes?
Lastly, if one fails the exam, can they retake it? If yes, after how long?
Thank you for your feedback in advance.


Read My Response Here:


And Have An Excellent Day!


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