Pronunciation of The Letter B and The Letter P – (/b/ vs /p/)

The Pronunciation of The Letter B And The Letter
(/b/ vs /p/)

(Pronunciation Lesson)

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap]s you may already know.  Most of the Consonants come in “Voiced” and “Un-Voiced” pairs, which is clearly explained in This Post Here.  You probably also know that The Letter B is the first Consonant.

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap]n the video below, the teacher explains that the Un-Voiced pair to The Letter B is The Letter P.  And she has a great way of showing you the difference between the two.  Not only in the sound, but what actually happens with the breath when speaking them.

Watch The Video Here!

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Pronunciation Of The /ths/ Combination (+ “Why There Is Nothing Difficult About Learning English”)

The /ths/ Combination

(Pronunciation Lesson)

This is a re-fresh of a post from a couple years ago, which was originally posted on The Version of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! (where this all started.)

Read The Full Post & Watch The Video Here

Grammar Lesson – The Letter A

The Letter A

In The English Alphabet

The letter A is the first letter in The English Alphabet.  It is also the first Vowel in The English Alphabet.  As with every letter in The English Alphabet, The Letter A has two versions in the written form.

But There Is A Lot More!!!

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Introducing… “Closet Classics”!!!

“Closet Classics” – The Greatest New Old Addition to GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Long long ago in a decade far far away…  All the way back in the early 1980s there came a new channel to cable TV, called “MTV”…  it stood for “Music Television”…  yes, that’s right…  they actually used to play full-length music videos, and concerts of great musical artists – AND they didn’t have any commercials at all!!!  Only music, 24 hours a day…  It was wonderful.

In addition to that mind-mushing awesomeness, they also had a thing called “Closet Classics”.  It wasn’t a show (they didn’t have those either) – instead, a couple times a day, interspersed between:  Duran Duran, Men At Work, and whoever sang that song about “Fish-Heads” – they would play a video of great band from the past (1960s & 70s), usually performing on Television shows.  They called is “Closet Classics” because a lot of times, we tend to forget about stuff that we have by just shoving it in the closet, only to discover it later and think, “Hey, I remember that!  That was awesome!”

And since it is definitely time to do some “Spring Cleaning”, I have decided to clean out the closets of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.  In doing-so, I am launching a new category of blog-posts…  you guessed it

“Closet Classics”

The posts will be from resurrected, refurbished, and re-discovered, posts and pages that were long since lost and forgotten throughout the many re-organizations of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! throughout the years.  They will also include pages and posts that were started but never actually finished, so even though they are “new”, they are still a “Classic”.

The first post will be tomorrow, and I will intersperse them with other posts just like was the case with their name-sake.

“So What?!”

So why does this qualify as a GMSE News article?  Well, beside the fact that it is going to be AWESOME!!! 😀 –  it is because I have finally finished three of the biggest and longest-standing projects of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.

The first was…

Get Yer Ass To Class!!!

(that means…  “Read More”)


The Long A Pronunciation – (Like You’ve Never It Heard Before)

The “Problem” of The Long A Pronunciation

(This post is the follow-up to a previous post about The Pronunciation Of The Letter A)

Pronunciation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Okay, so the problem is not actually with The Long A Pronunciation –  but is, in fact, in the world of English language instruction.  And this problem is (from my experiential observation) that absolutely every text-book, almost all teachers, and virtually every organization which is set up to to teach the English language, lacks or suppresses the use of critical thinking – based upon experiential knowledge, and strengthened by actual observation, when it comes to the teaching of the English language.

This is not a new problem, but it certainly is a continuing problem.  And as I have only become aware of this problem through my immersion in language teaching – meaning that I didn’t go to school to get a degree in English philology or linguistics or any other related degree – I don’t know if anyone in “higher” education even talks about this problem…  (however I highly doubt it, as it seems that they prefer to avoid problems as much as possible…  especially if it would mean that they would have to make some changes.)

But here it is…

 There is not only one “Long A” sound…  There are, in fact, three…

That’s right.  There are three different ways to pronounce The Long A.


(I Promise, No-Click Bait…  Just The Truth)

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Pronunciation of The Letter A – No. 1

Letter A – Pronunciation

Having decided that it is far past the time to start making posts about pronunciation, I figured that a good place to start is with the first letter of the alphabet…



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“Fun With English!!!” meets “Yer Inglish Sux!!!” #666 – JIF vs GIF


First of all, who the F^ck cares!!!  But now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I have to jump in to the argument because the fact that a lot of people REALLY DO CARE!!!  is hilarious to me.

(And I like to make fun of people like that) 😉

In fact any time that people get really crazy about things that don’t matter at all, it makes me laugh.  I say let’s give them some guns and knives and let them fight in out until there is only one left… Then we can tell that one person left that he or she is wrong – and joyously applaud as that person’s head explode.

So Here It Is…

(and if anyone can read this and STILL not understand, then we would all be better off if that person’s head actually DID explode…  and this goes for the creator too… even though we thank him for giving us this wonderfully useful image format.)

JIF vs GIF - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Enough Said!  At least I hope so.  But if you still need more, you can…


(I Promise…  No Click Bait – Just a Cool GIF of an Exploding Head To Further Illustrate My Point)

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