(one’s) “Meat And Potatoes” – (Idiomatic Adjectival Phrasal-Noun)

(one’s) “Meat And Potatoes”

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Meat And Potatoes - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Not only is this a term which describes, literally, thousands upon thousands of delicious meal possibilities, served in just as many different ways – but it is also a common Idiomatic Adjectival Phrasal-Noun.

tO Find OUt Why It Has Nothing To Do With The Picture Above…

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“Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart” – English Aphorism

(to) Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart

(Today’s “Tid-Bit”)

Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Aphorism “Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart” – is an Idiomatic expression which can also be classified as an Interjection, A Proverb and a Saying.  Furthermore, this phrase can also be turned into a Prepositional Phrasal Verb.

It is very similar in meaning to the Idiomatic Aphorism:  (to) “Build The House From The Ground Up” – both of which mean:

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(to) “Pop Up” vs (a) “Pop-Up” – Tid-Bit

(to) “Pop Up” vs (a) “Pop-Up”

(Idiomatic Prepositional Phrasal-Verb & Phrasal-Noun)

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This Particular Tid-Bit is from the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – Lexis Portal and expanded here for Your English Learning Experience, and for the sake of The Proliferation Of Awesomeness, World-Wide…  which is, in fact, The Prime Objective of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!)  😉

(to) “Pop Up” vs (a) “Pop-Up”

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“Alike” vs “Like” – (Today’s “Tid-Bit”)

“Alike” vs “Like”

This post might be like others you have seen on the internet.  And they are probably alike in many areas.  But what makes this post different, is that it was written by me!  And you know that I sometimes get a little crazy…  Just like the Mad Hatter.  In fact, He and I are quite a’like.

Alike vs Like - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

But another feature of this post that will show that I’m not like others who write on this subject, is that I’m going to tell you, “Why?”…  (My favorite question) 😉


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“Trembling With Fear” – Phrasal Verb

(to be) “Trembling With Fear”

This is a phrasal verb which describes what happens to a person when they are so frightened or scared by something, that they are literally shaking or “trembling“.

This post has been resurrected and refreshed, and you can now see…

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Aphorism – (to) “Build The House From The Ground Up”

“You’ve Got To Build The House From The Ground Up!”

Today’s “Tid-Bit” is an Idiomatic Aphorism which can also be classified as a Saying, and can be used as an Interjection (as in the heading above) – and is used to say that…

When doing any “thing” (process/procedure/etc.) it is important to do things in the proper order.  Otherwise, whatever one is attempting may simply not work…  (at least not in the way that he or she is intending.)

TO Find Out how “Fat Batman” has ANYTHING to do with this phrase…

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(See Also:  “Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart”)

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“Watch A Movie” vs “See A Movie”

(To) Watch vs (To) See

A Film / Movie

In “normal” speech, to say that one “sees” something is a very general way of saying that the image of some “thing” is registered by the visual sensory apparatus – while to “watch” something means to be focused on that “thing” (usually moving.)

To See - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

However, when using these two verbs to talk about Movies or Films (whichever term you prefer) – they have different meanings…

Would You Like To See - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Well, then you’re going to have to…


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